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Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are growing globally and distribution utilities are faced with the challenge of integrating low carbon technologies and operating a more flexible system.  DER asset developers also require on-site and network integration solutions to play their role in the emerging smart, flexible energy system.

An increasingly important market sector is network automation and control infrastructure and applications focused on DER interconnection and management.

Active Network Management (ANM) is a suite of enterprise and grid-edge monitoring, control and application hosting technologies that are deployed to maximise network asset use and to deliver flexibility in transmission and distribution systems. ANM facilitates fast and flexible connections to electricity networks at a reduced cost, and the optimisation of DER to deliver overall system efficiency and resiliency.

Smarter Grid Solutions develops and delivers ANM-based Distributed Energy Resources (DER) integration and control products and related services for power utilities and DER operators.  Our products have been deployed to address a spectrum of utility and energy asset owner use cases.  Our services are tailored to address the full smart grid lifecycle from planning and design through to integration and support.

The global market for DER network integration solutions is large and growing fast and we have a growing network of partners and associates working with us to deliver complete solutions and value to our customers.

Read more about how we are serving these growing ANM and DER network integration markets:

We serve Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), Distribution Utilities and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) where our products enable faster and more cost effective grid connections.  Distribution system challenges, such as reverse power flows, voltage rise and thermal constraints have traditionally been dealt with by investing in reinforced grid infrastructure but the new non-wires solution of ANM is providing value to DNOs/DSOs and their customers. 

The implementation of alternative interconnection solutions is being promoted significantly by policy makers and regulators in many jurisdictions. Our case studies describe how we have met the challenge of smarter, more competitive connections. The flexible connection opportunities on offer from UK DNOs are highlighted here.

Network, utility and new entrant companies are also addressing their emerging role in wider system operation through New Distribution System Operator (DSO) Functions and Business Models.  These new approaches enable the growing DER portfolio for supply/demand, system balancing and capacity against the trend of fossil generation divestment, decreasing system capacity margins and increasing balancing costs. ANM is increasingly being viewed as a platform enabler to integrate DER into the emerging smarter, flexible, open, competitive energy system.  

ANM hosts functionality to monitor, schedule, control and optimise DER flexibility into this emerging energy system and market-place – this is strongly aligned with the requirement for DER Management Systems (DERMS). Our case studies show the integration of a wide array of flexible DER types and participants and delivery of advanced system use cases including energy storage, aggregators, demand side response (DSR) and transmission system operators.

DER developers, owners and operators face a number of challenges to invest in financially viable, grid integrated projects.  Planning and connecting to the grid in a timely and economic manner is a minimum requirement and starting point for DER owners with additional revenue streams for market and system flexibility services viewed as a financial enhancement on any project. Our products facilitate quicker cheaper grid interconnection and the management of additional services or connection/operation obligations from the DNO. 

Our solutions also identify the best locations, technologies and operating regimes to optimise the operation of DER in the power system. Our case studies describe planning, analytics and solution provision support to DER owners for flexible grid connections.

The specific needs of on-site, island, microgrid, grid-edge, community and private networks also provide opportunities for ANM solutions in managing DER and customer and service provider interactions to deliver security, efficiency, financial and other customer objectives.  Our products and services have been deployed in numerous configurations to serve these needs and our case studies illustrate some of the use cases we have met.

Policy-maker and regulators have valued our thinking and the opportunity provided by ANM to bring into reality the emerging smart, flexible energy system that policies now point towards.  ANM is a platform component in the smart energy system that monitors and manages large numbers of diverse DER devices and facilities their role in local and national system and markets. ANM is an innovative enabler of new DSO business models, decentralisation of energy and flexible, competitive markets. 

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