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Response to Ofgem's Future Arrangements for the Electricity SO Consultation

Smarter Grid Solutions has responded to the Ofgem consultation regarding the Future Arrangements for the Electricity System Operator.  The consultation is seeking views on the role the System Operator has in the electricity system, the needs for that role to evolve and the planned separation of National Grid’s distinct System Operator and Transmission Owner roles. 

In its response, Smarter Grid Solutions makes the following key points:

  • The new System Operator roles should encompass the whole system and this should involve much better coordination with the distribution companies and the system users connected to distribution networks
  • The System Operator should be open to robust challenge from a wide arrange of system users and stakeholders in defining and fulfilling these new roles – many more system users and customers are stakeholders to the whole system
  • To date, the System Operator has not fully engaged with whole system users and distribution network developments and has missed opportunities arising from emerging and maturing innovations
  • There will be a much greater requirement to manage the Transmission-Distribution boundary, balance the system and facilitate the markets with Distributed Energy Resources – the extended System Operator roles should explicitly encompass this
  • The need for much better System Operator coordination with Distribution Network Operators.

These changes in the approach to system operation and the role of System Operator are crucial to enable and drive the next phase of the smarter, more flexible, decentralised, decarbonised and digitalised GB electricity system.


Read the full response on our consultations page » 


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