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ANM Element: Autonomous. Real-time. Secure.

ANM Element: Autonomous. Real-time. Secure.
The State of the Art in Local DER Management
ANM Element is a field distributed, autonomous and real-time DER controller that manages interaction with the electricity grid and local area.

ANM Element is an essential component of the modernised electricity grid providing significant benefits to utilities and developers addressing the following challenges:

  • High penetration of DER resulting in two way power flow, voltage violations and ultimately cost prohibitive interconnections which leads to diminishing DER hosting capacity
  • Sites with multiple DER sizes and types that require co-ordination at a local level to achieve common objectives
  • Rapidly changing load and generation profiles that are becoming too difficult to manage effectively with existing control systems
  • Limited availability and acquisition of high resolution DER data on which to base long and short term planning decisions
  • Lack of uniformity in the controllability and interoperability between DER of different types and sizes

ANM Element has been designed for deterministic operation and fail-to-safe functionality, which guarantees response times and grid security. Deployment of ANM Element gives grid planners, operators and DER developers the ability to incorporate these qualities into the design of their projects and interconnections.

An adaptable and extensible feature set for bespoke use cases supported by rapid application development ensures the deployed solution can evolve over time to meet the changing demands on the DER, including adding new DER on-site or future participation in emerging markets.

Autonomous Real-Time Control of DER

Use thresholds, operating margins and rules based approaches to autonomously control real and reactive power in response to real-time measurements and grid events. Includes circuit breaker trip and reclose functionality to provide escalation in extreme circumstances.

Multi-DER Co-ordination

Coordinate multiple DER like solar, wind, load, and energy storage to optimise site energy usage and maximise revenue. Includes generation-storage pairing and load following capability.

Scheduled Control with Real-Time Intervention

Create and store schedules to perform DER dispatch with an ability to configure rules that trigger automatic intervention and deviation from the schedule in real-time.

Gateway for Market Participation

Enables DER for market based control through aggregators or in direct response to signals from system operators.

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