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ANM Strata Connection Manager: Increased flexibility and scalability

Connection Manager: Increased flexibility and scalability
ANM Strata Connection Manager provides flexibility and scalability for an enterprise roll-out of all forms of Managed Connections, across all voltage levels and for varying degrees of power system complexity.

Connection Manager uses our unique approach of hosting repeatable, time-bounded, fail-safe control applications on a dedicated software platform. Our technology has delivered tangible benefits by creating 100s of MWs of capacity and savings of over £100 million to date.

Connection Manager provides DNOs with a robust and reliable way to implement Managed Connections for all types of Distributed Energy Resource (DER). More than any other solution, Connection Manager enables the distribution network to be run closer to its limits, minimising the volume of DER curtailment while maximising DER connection capacity headroom.

We have used valuable customer input to re-design this flexible DER connections ANM application that runs on our trusted platform. The resulting improvements greatly increase scalability and flexibility of the Connection Manager product, two of the biggest challenges facing our customers today.

Greatly Improved Application Performance: Real-time operation for 500+ generators.

Guaranteed Network Security: A new safe state for automatic transition between ANM configurations to manage changes in network topology and line rating, ensuring network security is not compromised by uncontrolled changes.

Reduced System Downtime: Online user configurability to update control thresholds and generator-to-constraint associations, resulting in reduced system downtime.

Increased Flexibility in the Configuration of Thresholds: More flexibility in terms of the number of thresholds per measurement point, the associated control actions, and the associated controlled devices.

Future-Proofed Architecture: Greater choice in hardware components, whether commodity server or ruggedised computers, fitting in with existing and future technical architecture and control device choices.

Reduced Costs: Expanded capacity of DG/DER managed on a single Connection Manager system, reducing hardware and systems integration costs, as well as supporting the growth of DG/DER in any network zone.

Distribution System Operator (DSO) Ready: Connection Manager is implemented on the future-proofed ANM Strata platform that is designed to be compatible with future DSO initiatives, helping to maximise the value of investments for the longer term.

Cost Savings: Connection Manager offers improved configuration flexibility. This functionality enables the ANM application to map onto a wider variety of use cases, across all voltage levels, constraint types, and DG/DER devices. This means Connection Manager can be the unified solution for all types of Managed Connection.

Reduces Upfront Configuration Overheads: Connection Manager provides a safer way to transition between configurations, enhancing scheme configurability and flexibility, with interfaces to the operator, engineer or network model.

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