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ANM Connects Wind Farm Three Years Early

ANM Connects Wind Farm Three Years Early

Wind Harvest Ltd (WH) applied to connect its 9.8MW Lochend Wind Farm to the local electricity network but due to required grid reinforcement, a firm connection was not available until 2021. In order to accelerate these timescales Wind Harvest Ltd used ANM Element to connect to the grid using an innovative shared, behind-the-meter connection, enabling the wind farm to connect in a matter of months.

Due to the grid operating at maximum capacity, and with grid reinforcement works not scheduled until 2021, the local distribution network operator (DNO) was unable to accept any new connections. This was in part due to analysis which was performed on behalf of the DNO which discovered that during low loading conditions, the export from Lochend Wind Farm would increase thermal loading beyond its design limits. These combined constraints meant immediate grid connection through traditional methods was not an option.

With the added uncertainty around the future of subsidies for wind generation, Wind Harvest wanted to explore other avenues.

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) worked with WH to look at alternatives to a firm connection. Using the real-time control and monitoring provided by ANM Element and working with a local generator in the area with a firm connection that was not utilising its full export capacity, Lochend Wind Farm signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that enabled its wind farm to connect over three years earlier than estimated using a behind-the-meter connection.

In this case, Lochend’s connection sharing agreement with the Meygen tidal array was a perfect fit; tidal output can be predicted with high degrees of accuracy giving WH a clear indication of how much they will be able to export and when.

However our shared connections solution is applicable to all generation types, and can cater for a variety of different export and import profiles.

SGS is now working on its second shared connection scheme using ANM Element, scheduled to go live in January 2018.

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