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NPG - ANM Development and Readiness

NPG: ANM Development and Readiness

Northern Powergrid (NPG) requested support in the specification and organisational readiness for an Active Network Management (ANM) system, in order to manage constraints on the network around Driffield. Smarter Grid Solutions provided the consultancy services that specified the requirements and functional design of the ANM system, and in the process, equipped NPG with the ability to develop its own capabilities and resources, enabling ANM to be deployed at Driffield and in other sites in future. The project has helped NPG to achieve its goals in both developing working knowledge about ANM, and the implementation of ANM connection solutions.

The connection of more generation to the Driffield network would result in thermal constraints on the Extra High Voltage (EHV) network. An ANM solution would control the output of any new generators connecting to the network and ensure that operating limits are not exceeded.

Smarter Grid Solutions assisted NPG in the analysis of the network and in the design of an ANM solution, whilst coordinating workshops to help them develop their internal processes in order to establish a Business-as-Usual (BaU) framework for ANM. By taking this approach, NPG ensures that ANM can be rolled out in other areas.

Our team led development workshop sessions with the following five themes, relevant to ANM deployment:
The workshop covered identification and understanding of network constraints, and how this leads to the identification of measurement points. The different ANM control options were introduced and discussed, as well as how the chosen Principles of Access will be facilitated.
Systems Integration and Communications
This workshop discussed the requirements for facilitating data transfer for the ANM system and generator control system. The requirements included how to interface with a number of key systems, such as SCADA, data historian and facilitating operator interaction through a Human Machine Interface (HMI).
This workshop addressed the commercial issues surrounding an ANM connection offer, such as contracts for constrained connections, constraint analysis, and preparation of curtailment estimates, as well as determining who will be responsible for paying for ANM.
Policy and Standards
This workshop reiterated the security and fail safe responses covered in the Systems Integration and Communications workshop in order to understand how ANM would integrate with existing policy. It was essential to understand the interaction between protection systems and ANM, and so discussion of IEC61508 and the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) in the context of ANM was facilitated.
Business as Usual Support
This workshop covered the requirements for supporting ANM at Driffield, and other locations in the future. It included identifying training and operational reviewing requirements as well as facilitating a support function and remote access. 
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