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UKPN- Modelling and Analysis

UKPN: Modelling and Analysis

Cambridgeshire, in the East of England, has seen a substantial increase in connection requests from renewable energy generators of different types, including wind, solar, biomass, and anaerobic digestion. For generation developers seeking a connection in this area, the costs have been uneconomic and the timescales have been too slow. By using our Active Network Management (ANM) technology, UK Power Networks is now offering significantly faster, managed grid connections, resulting in capital investment savings compared with the costs for conventional grid connection solutions.

Flexible Plug and Play (FPP) was a Second Tier Low Carbon Network Fund (LCNF) project with Smarter Grid Solutions supporting UK Power Networks to conduct trials to connect distributed generation (DG) onto constrained parts of the electricity distribution network, without the need for conventional network reinforcement.

The objective was to use innovative technical and commercial solutions to manage constraints and maximise network utilisation. Among a number of technical solutions, ANM was a key component that integrated the smart functionalities of all the solutions. Prior to the deployment of the ANM scheme in Cambridgeshire, detailed desktop modelling and simulation of the distribution system and its assets were performed off-line.

In this LCNF project, Smarter Grid Solutions worked closely with UK Power Networks, and their other project partners, to perform ANM feasibility assessments. The analysis sought to determine the economic limit on ANM-enabled generation, taking account of different constraints and different generator types. The outcome was the derivation of a “capacity quota” for an area of network that UK Power Networks is now using to underpin the connection of new generators.

The quantitative assessments give a representative estimate of the way the network behaves and the level of curtailment each generator developer might experience annually.

Smarter Grid Solutions has extensive experience in performing these assessments with other analysis tools/software such as IPSA, DIgSILENT Power Factory, PSSE, OpenDSS, Matlab, C++ and Python, with particular focus on distribution systems, renewable energy resources, distributed generation, micro-grids, and smart grids. Smarter Grid Solutions continues to support the FPP project, with ongoing analysis of grid connections and the use of smart devices and applications.

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