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World leading Active Network Management  products for real-time, autonomous, deterministic control of Distributed Energy Resources.

Electricity grids around the world face multiple challenges. How to meet increasing demand, while maintaining reliability and efficiency? How to reduce outages, provide customer satisfaction and keep the costs down? How to make better use of existing grid, and avoid new builds? How to incorporate non-fossil fuel sources, increasingly unpredictable demand profiles, and the emergence of microgrids? How to improve security and resilience against threat?

The profile of our grids is changing. The days of managing grids successfully using small amounts of data, slow sample rates and operator-in-the-loop control are fast disappearing. We’re entering the era of Smart Grids.

Smart Grids incorporate many grid edge devices (wind turbines, solar panels, storage devices, domestic appliances, electric vehicles, etc.) whose behaviour is already changing the flows of electricity on the grid.  These devices are also liable to much greater change as a result of weather patterns, demand levels, travel conditions, electricity market dynamics, grid capacity and connectivity, and a variety of disruptive events. These changes can often be very rapid, and difficult to predict, which is why the Smart Grid needs management and control mechanisms that are responsive and autonomous, i.e., “active”.

And even as we adapt to this new world of energy, our industry continues to have a non-negotiable requirement to manage and control our grids to the same levels of safety, reliability, efficiency and security as we always have.

That’s why Smarter Grid Solutions has spent ten years researching, developing, deploying and proving our approach to managing the Smart Grid with our Active Network Management products. We are recognised as thought leaders in this domain. We have worked with and learned from electricity distribution companies, regulatory authorities, university research teams, generation developers, SCADA/DMS suppliers, grid edge device manufacturers, and many others. We have deployed our solutions in cities, in rural areas, and on islands, and have worked with customers in the UK, mainland Europe and North America. No other company in the world has been on quite the same journey.

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