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ANM System Analysis, Optimisation and Change Management

ANM System Analysis, Optimisation and Change Management

We offer a comprehensive set of analysis, optimisation and change management services to support our customers with the ongoing operation of ANM systems. Our services provide analysis of operational system performance to inform the tuning of system configuration parameters. The optimisation of ANM system configuration allows network operators to implement settings that maximise network capacity headroom release whilst ensuring safe network operation.

An ancillary benefit of ANM infrastructure is the logging of high-resolution measurements at congestion points in networks. This operational data provide the basis for enhanced visibility of network behaviour and characteristics such as power flow step-change and DER ramp-rates. It is access to such high-resolution network data that opens the opportunity to assess and realise the benefit of tuning and optimisation of ANM configuration, as well as other possible uses of the data.

We exploit a unique suite of tools developed for analysing the operation of our ANM systems. The extensive operational and systems integration knowledge of our leading engineers delivers high value outputs to our customers. Optimised system configurations are thoroughly tested on our in-house simulation and testing environments, delivering a full understanding of ANM configuration revision ahead of operational implementation.

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