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Active Network Management for DERMS


Real-time, autonomous and deterministic control technology

Significant R&D in power systems automation and control, in collaboration with leading utility companies, has created the platform and application technologies required to manage Distributed Energy Resources (DER) securely and safely. Managing large volumes of data from high volumes of rapidly changing DER to make them into a manageable resource as part of a more resilient and flexible grid is the challenge.

Traditional ‘operator-in-the-loop’ systems and conventional approaches to power system protection and control cannot scale to provide the speed of response, manage the complexity or secure the benefits of DER. Our platform uses commodity hardware, with software designed to host our applications and deliver the range of control functionality that DNOs, DSOs and other system participants need.

Our Active Network Management (ANM) technology is unique and powerful, it bridges the boundary between the distribution network and grid edge devices.

Real-time: Modern grids need to handle fast-changing volumes of data. That is why our control platform uses military-grade technology

Autonomous: The need to respond and the volumes of data, make operator-in-the-loop control impractical.

Deterministic: Control decisions must be predictable, reliable, safe, secure and repeatable.

This underlying technology creates our unique Active Network Management products that:

Monitor: Our Active Network Management products monitor critical grid locations, communications status and the operating status of Distributed Energy Resources.

Action: When measurements from critical locations exceed thresholds, communications fail or Distributed Energy Resources breach given parameters, our Active Network Management products operate autonomously in a pre-determined, repeatable and time-bounded manner to issue set points and signals to Distributed Energy Resources.

Deliver: Our Active Network Management products guarantee an end-to-end control response from Distributed Energy Resources and other grid devices to balance electricity flows, maximizing power system hosting capacity and delivering grid reliability improvements.

These patented platform and application technologies are used to implement our range of control products

We deliver deterministic autonomous real-time control using a part-distributed architecture to ensure that the end to end control loop can handle any circumstance in a predictable, repeatable and time bounded manner.

The architecture is hub and spoke with a centralized element comprising sgs core and sgs comms hub and a grid edge element called sgs connect.

sgs core: hosts our real-time active network management applications. It uses software to represent the various critical constraint locations and controlled devices within the scope of the active network management system, using them to identify control actions needed to maintain the grid within operating limits.

It can be deployed to meet the needs of the individual grid operator e.g. at electricity substation level, or at a regional level such as in a control room or data centre.

sgs comms hub: handles and processes all data for sgs core and interfaces with external grid management systems, field measurements and the controllable devices on the grid.
It interacts with different sources of data e.g. voltage and current transformers, device controllers and weather stations, and with other systems, to present all data to sgs core. This enables integration of sgs core and associated applications with the grid operator's existing network management systems.

sgs connect: interfaces with and controls devices connected to the grid. It is installed at each location of a controlled device within the Active Network Management system.
It has dedicated interfaces to device control systems so that the ANM system can monitor operations, regulate the import or export of power, adjust other operating parameters and ensure autonomous fail-safe operation of the controlled device. This ensures that the grid is always maintained within safe operating limits.

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