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The Product Manager (PM) is responsible for planning product development initiatives to deliver the product vision.

The PM will engage with customers frequently through involvement in pre-sales product demonstrations, bid support, product deployment and user feedback sessions. The PM will be present at the right times through the product delivery and support cycle to guide customer choices and elicit user needs. The PM will contribute to the development of the product vision and roadmap equipped with an understanding of customer organisations strategic goals and the requirements of the individual users.

The PM is expected to be an integral member of the product development team, contributing to the definition of user stories and prioritisation of the development backlog, acting as a proxy for the customer.

Responsibilities and Objectives

Leading initiatives and engaging with the market

  • The PM owns and leads strategic product initiatives within defined market segments. This involves playing a key role in: business development; bid support; project delivery and the development of SGS’s flagship products. This will involve engaging with stakeholders within customer organisations including technical staff with specialisms in different areas as well as the end users themselves
  • The PM will attend industry conferences to promote the product through demonstrations
  • The PM will attend relevant industry working groups and other events to gain key insight into the future needs of our customers and report back to the wider product management team and senior executives
  • The PM will spend time in customer offices at various stages of the product sales and deployment cycle meeting key stakeholders, including executives, senior managers, and end users, to promote the features and benefits of the product

Roadmap Planning

  • The PM contributes to the setting of product goals and defining the initiatives and features required to achieve them
  • The PM will collaborate with the wider product management team to prioritise each initiative and position it within the product roadmap
  • Once assigned ownership of a development initiative the PM will engage with customers and other relevant stakeholders to ensure the scope of the initiative is clearly documented
  • The PM will work with the software development team and technical leadership within SGS to specify and size each development initiative
  • The PM will create project plan for delivering the initiative and manage the development process, from project inception to software release

Maintaining the Software Development Backlog

  • The PM is responsible for ensuring epics and user stories for their initiatives are created and added to the software development backlog
  • The PM supports the development of user story acceptance criteria by the wider development team, taking responsibility for writing them when appropriate and providing use case examples in support of test driven development
  • The PM reviews and reprioritises epics and user stories in preparation for planning meetings, including co-ordination of dependencies across concurrent initiatives
  • The PM will be aware of the scope of upcoming work and its relevance to overall product strategy taking key decisions on the sequencing of key technology developments used for prototyping, architectural evolution and enhancement or development of test environments

Demonstration and Acceptance

  • As an integral member of the team, and a quality gate, the PM participates in team demonstrations. Team demonstrations are used to measure the team’s progress by demonstrating the completed user stories to the PM and other stakeholders for feedback at the end of each development cycle


  • The PM contributes to development retrospectives where the team analyse what went well and what didn’t go well in the previous development cycle in an effort to continually improve planning and execution of development

Skills and Experience

  • Strong academic track record in Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, or similar, relevant course
  • Experience as a Product Owner or Product Manager working with Agile Delivery Teams, utilizing Agile / Scrum / Kanban
  • At least 5 years in a product development environment as a Product Owner or Product Manager developing enterprise software products
  • Deep understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Experience with Product Roadmap development and influencing key stakeholders for buy-in on business priorities
  • Experience launching new enterprise software products
  • Outstanding leadership and motivational skills - possessing a willingness to empower as well as inspire commitment and positive attitude across SGS

Highly Desirable

  • Knowledge and understanding of control and automation technology
  • Experience working with Aha and JIRA, product roadmap and software development software
  • Awareness and understanding of recent developments in the power sector, e.g. OpenFMB and the Common Information Model
  • Experience working as part of a geographically diverse cross-functional development team, e.g. New York and Glasgow, Scotland
  • Certified scrum product owner or scrum master

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