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Our customer has some of the highest penetration levels of renewable generation anywhere in Germany. Regulation means that they are responsible for upgrading the network to accommodate and passing on the cost of these upgrades to consumers.  As well as increasing costs to consumers, the timescales to construct upgrades are not in line with DER customer expectation therefore they are faced reputational risk with DER customers as well as retail customers.  Existing regulation allows them to curtail and compensate renewable generation in certain circumstances but in discrete blocks (30%, 60% or 100%) based on forecasts; compensation payments are further increasing the cost of energy for retail consumers.


ANM Strata is being used to deliver the 5% rule (legislated for in the EU’s Clean Energy Package 2019) using dynamic real-time curtailment. ANM Strata monitors critical grid locations and implements minimal real-time curtailment actions when flexibility services cannot be procured or other network events occur. ANM Strata delivers the ‘Red’ light of the traffic light concept.


ANM Strata successfully passed over 35 tests first time in a comparison test with other vendors.  Lab trial demonstrated the ability to double hosting capacity with only 5% curtailment. The solution has been successfully integrated with existing utility systems and is currently moving to field trial ahead of roll-out.

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