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As the energy system transitions to one with high penetrations of distributed and renewable assets, monitoring, optimizing and controlling DER becomes increasingly valuable to Distribution Utilities and DER Owners and Operators. That is why we serve all of our customers with the same scalable and flexible technology products, allowing solutions to be designed and architected to their needs and business drivers, with the same levels of trusted performance. Our products help our customers to effortlessly deliver grid edge control addressing the challenges of large, fast-moving data sets to secure network operations and market positions.

Distribution Utilities

DERMS software for Distribution Utilities combining preventative control, based on forecasting and optimisation, with real-time corrective control. Our unique technology delivers a 50-100% improvement in grid optimisation compared with competitor methods.

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DER Owners and Operators

We are the only DERMS vendor that has successfully made it into the distribution operations space to date; our DERMS software provides DER Owners and Operators with a distinct competitive advantage to underpin new business models in network services and Energy as a Service. Our software lets you realise the true value of your DER.

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