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Energy markets around the world are changing as a result of DER and renewable technologies reducing in cost. New markets are emerging for DER Owners and Operators with opportunities to stack revenues and improve returns. Over the last decade we have built a platform trusted operationally on critical national infrastructure that supports a broad range of use cases, any type and size of DER and is interoperable with advanced features such as AI and optimisation to provide customers with the flexibility to architect and create their own solutions and propositions. The technology has been built out to connect to markets as well as grids, to residential DER as well as utility scale assets and can be scaled to securely manage millions of devices simultaneously.

Our software is the only proven technology available today that can unlock the true economic benefit of DER

Whether your objective is to enhance revenue streams from your capital investments, optimize DER performance and value, manage the increasing volume and velocity of system data, participate in emerging flexibility markets, reduce your demand charges or support your transition to low carbon energy, our products make that as easy and as profitable as possible. The true value of DER requires whole system solutions allowing revenues to be stacked for site optimisation, market trading, ancillary service and network services.  ANM Strata is the only DERMS platform operationally proven to deliver the full value stack.

Our products provide the platform for new business models, customer propositions and IP creation

ANM Strata provides the platform to monitor and control any DER or any size and type across any time horizon. It is fully integrated with an advanced optimisation environment allowing our customers and partners to create their own optimisation strategies, customer offerings and Intellectual Property.

New business models are emerging that can only be enabled by our technology

DER Owners and Operators are increasing looking beyond simple demand response and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) capability to unlock the value of ‘on grid’ applications. ANM Strata is operationally proven to interface to the grid and markets opening opportunities for site optimisation, reducing connection costs to roll-out new DER assets, delivering energy reliability solutions such as microgrids, as well as deliver VPP capability.  All of these use cases are supported individually and in parallel on our multi-use case DERMS platform.

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