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As the world moves to a new type of energy system, and customers adopt renewable and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) at scale, Distribution Utilities face both challenge and opportunity. Challenges include the timely and cost-effective interconnection of these technologies, adopting these potential assets into their operations and facilitating a broad range of new flexibility markets. The opportunities lie in harnessing these DER assets into operations to increase efficiency and reliability, while also creating new revenue streams and customer-driven products.

Delivering flexible, transactive electricity grids

Our products and services deliver solutions to Distribution Utilities that enable a flexible and transactive energy system. With a unique combination of economic optimisation and real-time corrective control, we deliver unrivalled performance for a wide range of grid and DER optimization applications, while ensuring obligations for safe and reliable power supplies are not undermined.

Address complex data and integration challenges

We achieve this by addressing the complex data and integration challenges of this massively distributed future, all within the context of the changing power system. Our adoption of Industrial Internet of Things technology and open standards allows us to reduce integration costs, deliver multiple use cases with a variety of power systems techniques for over or underdetermined problem spaces, resolving issues of asynchronous data, and provide unique visibility into the rate of change of key grid parameters.

Our Unique Approach to DERMS

ANM Strata complements supervisory control, or preventative optimisation applications, typically provided with Advanced Distribution Management System solutions. ANM Strata implements preferred DER setpoints from these solutions, resolving intra-period deviations, unexpected events, DER non-compliance, communications failures, and also removes the need for large margins to compensate for forecast error. We achieve this by ANM Strata also monitoring critical grid constraints and providing real-time (deterministic and time-bounded) control of DER. This powerful combination of preventative and corrective control means we can deliver grid optimization and flexibility market integration better than anyone else.

Products and Solutions for Distribution Utilities

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