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As the world moves to a new type of energy system, and customers adopt renewable and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) at scale, Distribution Utilities face both challenge and opportunity. Challenges include the timely and cost-effective interconnection of these technologies, adopting these potential assets into their operations and facilitating a broad range of new flexibility markets. The opportunities lie in harnessing these DER assets into operations to increase efficiency and reliability, while also creating new revenue streams and customer-driven products.

Our products deliver flexible, transactive electricity grids

Our products and services deliver solutions to Distribution Utilities that enable a flexible and transactive energy system. With a unique combination of economic optimisation and real-time corrective control, we deliver unrivalled performance for a wide range of grid and DER optimization applications, while ensuring obligations for safe and reliable power supplies are not undermined.

Our products address the complex data and integration challenges of DERMS

Our unique approach to DERMS addresses complex data and integration challenges by providing flexibility in the use of the network model, online simulation and the number of data points required to operate. The ANM control layer provides the mechanism for continuous sub-second dispatch and its configuration is updated automatically from network analysis. Removing network analysis from the DER control loop improves performance, reduces integration complexity and speeds up roll-out.

Our unique approach delivers the highest performance and most cost effective DERMS on the market

ANM Strata implements DER control using continuously executing sub-second control algorithms that resolve errors in forecasts, reduces operating safety margins, and responds to unplanned network events, DER non-compliance and communications failures. We address all of these problems using our unique real-time control layer.  The ANM control layer has been developed and expanded over the last decade through the experience gained from the broad range of applications, use cases, network types and types of DER we have worked on. All of that experience has been captured, distilled and built into a product integration environment giving our customers the flexibility to create the most advanced DERMS solutions that are easy to scale.

Products and Solutions for Distribution Utilities

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