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Energy markets around the world are changing. Energy Asset Operators have new and exciting opportunities to generate additional revenues and reduce costs. Our mission is to provide the software platform, systems and operational support to make the integration and operation of these devices to the grid and energy markets as effortless as possible, allowing you to be a winner in the new energy system.

Full feature DERMS fleet platform to access the best revenue streams for you

Whether your objective is to enhance revenue streams from your capital investments, optimize DER performance and value, manage the increasing volume and velocity of system data, participate in emerging flexibility markets, reduce your demand charges or support your transition to low carbon energy, we have the technology to make that as easy and as profitable as possible.

We do that by using our market-defining technology to deliver economic optimization and real-time dispatch, combined with asset monitoring and scheduling. This unique platform capability is combined with user features such as customer portals, market interfaces, information-rich operator interface, aggregation and data analytics, to provide the most advanced DERMS on the market.

Cost-effective and timely grid interconnection solutions

With a utility-grade solution trusted for mission-critical applications, our products can also help you to secure timely and affordable grid interconnections; optimizing your costs and revenues before your energy assets are even operational.

Utility grade solution for a wide range of market participants

If you are an Energy Supplier, Energy Storage Operator, Industrial or Commercial Energy Customer, Renewable/Distributed Generation Portfolio Operator, Facility Manager, EV Fleet or Charge Operator, or a Demand Response Aggregator, we deliver advanced, highly competitive solutions for you to operate and optimize your assets.

Delivering solutions with full-service capability

Smarter Grid Solutions, and our partners, can deliver the supporting hardware and professional services to enhance the value of your DER fleets:

  • Local DER interface control devices
  • Market information and dispatch system interfaces
  • Operations centre and managed services
  • Secure customer web portal to view and manage all assets
  • Engineering and consulting services to support full project lifecycle

Products and Solutions for Energy Asset Owners

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