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The traditional paradigm, of relatively few large generators transmitting bulk power across a national or regional transmission grid to be distributed to end customers, is changing. The revolution is coming from distributed and renewable assets, many connected at the edge of the grid. The impact of these changes is being felt in the control rooms of System Operators around the world. Two-way energy flows, falling system inertia and reactive power, increasingly difficult to forecast load and generation and less large traditional generators to rely on for ancillary services, is driving the need for a flexible energy system.  For smaller System Operators of isolated island networks, the challenges are even more acute; renewables are harder to integrate but are more necessary to reduce climate change impacts and expensive fossil fuel imports.

A need for increasing flexibility

Whether on a local, regional or national scale, the task of balancing supply and demand in different operational timeframes with highly variable renewable generation is becoming more difficult. For System Operators, the traditional approach of day ahead forecasting and economic dispatch is no longer fit for purpose, and is rapidly increasing operating costs which are passed on to consumers. Improved forecasting methods and shorter dispatch periods is a trend that will continue in parallel with more and different ancillary services to improve system flexibility. 

Fast-acting control across an enormous population of different DER assets

Coordinating faster-acting services across a much wider portfolio of assets which are harder to forecast and which constantly vary is where our technology delivers maximum benefit. With our unique combination of ‘look ahead’ scheduling, either hosted on our platform or from existing systems, and real-time dispatch of DER to address intra-period variations, forecast error and unexpected events our solutions maximize renewable generation, minimize ancillary service costs and improve system stability.

Wide range of options for different scales of deployment

With a wide range of architectural and functional options, our highly flexible ANM Strata product can be scaled to local balancing areas as microgrids as well as regional/national systems for flexibility service coordination, renewable integration and DER coordination.



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