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The value of batteries is fairly obvious, offering the opportunity to shift renewable energy from times when the sun is out or the wind is blowing to times of the day or week when electricity is required.  As a potential load and a potential generator their impact on local grid hosting capacity can be limiting without control to ensure that they do not exacerbate some of the other challenges like Electric Vehicles or Distributed and Renewable Generation that they are trying to solve.  To be of most use batteries therefore have to be orchestrated with grid and market requirements, they must be managed to respect capability and warranties and resolve conflict between multiple optimisation objectives to stack revenues.


ANM Strata provides integration to the most advanced optimisation engines and mathematic solvers available to deliver a rolling window of optimised dispatch schedules based on forecasts, energy prices and the applications to be supported. ANM Strata includes the capability to over-write these schedules manually or automatically based on real-time monitoring and control and automatically re-calculate a newly optimised rolling window schedule. 

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