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  • Constraint Management

Our unique approach to DERMS delivers alternatives to grid upgrades for power flow, voltage and fault level constraints. Our use of automated and continuous real-time control delivers 50-100% more hosting capacity than the alternatives.

  • DER Monitoring

With extensive protocol support, a real-time data space, on-board historian and compatibility with a range of analytical tools, ANM Strata provides the perfect solution for DER monitoring. Capturing massive volumes of highly granular data, our analysis methods provide unique insights to DER variability and their network impacts.

  • Grid Optimization

Whatever the optimization objective, our combined approach of look ahead (based on forecasts and optimization engines) and real-time control on the same platform means we resolve the issues of asynchronous data, convergence failure, forecast error and the need for operating margin, to get the maximum benefit from grid optimization without sacrificing reliability.

  • Grid Flexibility Services

As Distribution Utilities evolve towards Distribution System Operators, the procurement, coordination and orchestration of services from DER becomes an important tool. ANM Strata provides the transactive energy platform allowing all DER to offer and deliver contracted flexibility services, and for Distribution Utilities to link those services to their operations.

  • Direct Load Control

The use of DER flexibility to avoid or delay load related grid augmentation is one of the highest value use cases for DERMS. Using contracted services with a fail-safe, real-time platform ensures that service delivery can be secured or even enforced to protect other customers and assets.

  • Microgrids 

To improve reliability or manage DER for a local optimization objective, Distribution Utilities are using microgrids on interconnected areas of network. ANM Strata can be deployed as a microgrid controller or a centralised solution operating and coordinating multiple microgrids.

For electrical island microgrids see our solutions for System Operators and for behind-the-meter microgrids see our solutions for Energy Asset Operators

  • Special Protection Schemes

Special protection schemes are becoming more common, including for distributed assets, to manage system contingencies.  For smaller assets, these are prohibitively expensive and for Distribution Utilities, they don’t add value. Using ANM Strata we can deliver a much lower cost and more flexible solution while also providing DER visibility to the control room.

  • Virtual Power Plants

Distribution Utilities deploying DER, such as energy storage, can generate new revenue streams by integrating these assets to wholesale and flexibility markets. ANM Strata provides both economic optimization and market interfaces for you to get the most from your assets.



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