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To achieve national commitments to climate change, governments around the world have introduced policies and incentives to decarbonise the transport sector. These policies are creating demand for electric vehicles, automotive manufacturers to shift production from Internal Combustion Engine powered vehicles to ones with electric drivetrains and batteries. Falling battery prices and increasing range are making electric vehicles a viable open for everyone. Electric Vehicles represent very substantial new and highly mobile electrical loads charged in homes, workplaces and other locations that will trigger billions of dollars of network upgrades without smarter solutions.


ANM Strata allows Distribution Utilities to manage large off-street charging loads such as car parks as well as residential high speed charging loads. ANM Strata supports integration with aggregators such as charging network operators through APIs and standards such as IEEE2030.5 as well as low cost enabling protocols such as OpenADR. ANM Strata supports scheduled control, such as flexibility services, as well as unscheduled emergency control, such as grid connection enforcement.


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