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  • Virtual Power Plants

Cloud-based ANM Strata delivering cost-effective aggregation, optimization and market participation capability for your DER fleet to stack revenue streams. Our real-time dispatch approach maximizes service delivery and secures your revenues and operations.  Our customer and operator portals and full-service delivery model mean that energy and flexibility market participation has never been easier.

  • Fleet Energy Monitoring

DER Fleet monitoring for generation, demand, EV and storage assets across your DER portfolio to monitor contractual obligations and revenue collection. ANM Strata is configured and implemented to provide monitoring, data acquisition, visualization, historian and analytics with an open standard interface to DER to enable future optimization, scheduling and dispatch applications.

  • Fleet Schedule and Dispatch

Schedule and dispatch multiple, diverse DER to deliver multiple flexibility services and multiple value streams as an enhancement to our DER Fleet Monitoring solution. ANM Strata is extended to manage forecast data, and implement scheduling and real-time DER dispatch to optimize market position and reduce portfolio imbalance charges.  

  • Microgrids

Maximise the financial benefit of your DER assets or team up with other DER customers. With campus, community or facility-scale microgrids, multiple DER assets are coordinated and interfaced to markets to secure demand charge reduction and market participation.  ANM Strata can be deployed as a microgrid controller or a centralized solution operating and coordinating multiple microgrids.

  • Asset Flexibility Integration

Localised ANM Element solution for site automation and control and enablement of on-site DER for flexibility services. With flexible interface options to connect to DER control systems, the ability to implement received schedules or dispatch instructions, and measurement and metering data collection, ANM Element delivers hassle-free DER integration.

  • Flexible Interconnections

Interconnecting DER assets at the grid edge can be costly and constrained by the Distribution Utility.  Managing your assets to an agreed, potentially changing, limit based on local grid capacity can provide a much lower cost and faster interconnection option. ANM Element is used to monitor your point of interconnection, and as a remote measurement from the Distribution Utility, and manage your DER assets within the agreed capacity envelope.

  • Export Limiters

ANM Element manages the export or voltage at the point of interconnection to the grid by controlling the real or reactive power capability of your DER. Compliant with standards such as G100 (UK standard) it allows developers to overplant sites to increase yield, share a connection, add multiple technologies behind a point of interconnection and incorporate energy storage to firm up renewables.

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