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Microgrids vary in size and purpose, some can be interconnected or islanded or facilitate the transition between the two. They can be to solve reliability problems for hard to serve customers, or to maximise revenues through coordination of DER for demand charge management or market participation. When operating interconnected the problems related to coordination of DER to keep the network within operational (thermal and voltage) limits and have DER primed ready for a potential disconnection event. When islanded, the DER transition to performing a grid stability function managing frequency to avoid black-out.


ANM Strata provides the ability to manage all types of DER with different capabilities across different time horizons. For a microgrid that means we can schedule DER, such as batteries and loads, to absorb as much renewable energy when it is available or ready for a disconnection event. It can also manage in real-time network constraints associated with the limited interconnection of the microgrids, allowing more DER assets to be hosted than would normally be the case. After transition, ANM Strata continues to schedule DER but allows renewable generation to export as much energy as possible, curtailing output in real-time only when the edge of the stability envelope is reached.

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