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  • DER Monitoring

With extensive protocol support, a real-time data space, onboard historian and a range of analytical tools, ANM Strata provides the perfect solution for DER monitoring. Capturing massive volumes of highly granular data our analysis tools provide unique insights to DER variability and their network impacts.

  • DER Dispatch

ANM Strata provides control rooms with DER visibility and the ability to group, aggregate, dispatch and implement autonomous control regimes to meet a wide range of system operational requirements. ANM Strata provides connectivity and control to 1000s of devices augmenting traditional energy management systems.

  • Direct Load Control

In addition to generation dispatch and real-time control, ANM Strata can be applied to demand-side solutions. ANM Strata delivers direct load control through our unique combination of dispatch and real-time control with escalating control actions and fail-safes.

  • Congestion Management

Renewable integration has major system operation impacts.  To incorporate increasingly variable generation technologies, System Operators are utilising curtailment dispatch to block renewable production based on period ahead forecasts and real-time intervention.  Over-curtailment is common, and costly to the consumer, as look ahead only approaches, and the inability to provide analogue control, fail to optimize the system. ANM Strata combines scheduling and real-time control to deliver the maximum level of system flexibility while minimizing ancillary and balancing services costs.

  • Microgrids 

Islanded power systems are particularly challenging to integrate renewable energy sources. Islands are often the most affected by climate change and have some of the highest energy costs due to fossil fuel imports. Adding renewables is often limited by stability and security constraints. ANM Strata provides the full solution for small-scale System Operators, combining economic dispatch with real-time control and DER integration.

  • Flexibility Service Coordination

As increasing levels of flexibility are required, new ancillary services from a much larger pool of resources are required. ANM Strata provides the platform to offer, implement and enforce the new ancillary service products required in a flexible transactive grid.


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