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Our whitepapers are created by our business leaders, consultants, and engineering experts to enable our customers and industry colleagues to gain vital insights and hear our opinions and experiences on key industry topics including Flexibility Markets and Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems. 

DER Flexiblity

This whitepaper shares insight on the emergence and growth of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) flexibility with a focus on market trends, new opportunities, customer requirements, and DER fleet management platform requirements. Written by Executive Director, Dr. Graham Ault, it includes unique insights into the industry, the requirement DERMS software must meet, and what the future holds for the industry and DER flexibility. 

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Distributed Resource Energy Management Systems (DERMS)

As the world's distribution utilities transition to become distribution system operators, and the proliferation at the grid edge of distributed renewable - but intermittent - energy resources continues at an ever-increasing pace, so do the requirements for new capabilities to manage, control and automate the operation of the distribution grid. This is where a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) platform comes in. 

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