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Case Study: SP Energy Networks (Charge)



Electricity network operators want to support the expansion of the infrastructure necessary to charge the growing numbers of EVs in a safe, flexible and cost-effective manner.

The project will develop a new ground-breaking solution for connecting EV chargepoints to the electricity network in a way that balances network capacity and the needs of the motorist.It will provide a mechanism for DNO’s to optimise the use of existing assets, plan for future upgrades and make best use of appropriate flexible charging solutions.



The project is running targeted trials to provide answers to two challenging scenarios:

Charging solutions for residential properties without driveways such as terraced streets or flats and apartments; and charging solutions at destinations such as shopping centres, events venues and tourist attractions as well as en-route locations such as filling stations and motorway services.

These trials include timed charging schedules, staggered charging, controlling charging rates, integration with street lighting, integration with domestic scale battery storage and integration with flexibility services.



Project results are expected in 2020.