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SGS Suite of Products: Cirrus Flex 

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Remotely and automatically optimizing DER dispatch, connecting diverse DER assets and fleets to owners, operators, aggregators and traders to maximize the returns from energy, grid flexibility services and markets.


DER owners and operators (including energy asset OEMs, finance houses, I&C customers, local authorities) need to monitor, aggregate and control their growing DER portfolios to participate in energy markets, interface to trading partners and interface to new flexibility markets.   Energy Service Company partners require those same grid and market interfaces plus enhanced user and customer features for owned and third party DER assets.  Specific customer objectives addressed by Cirrus Flex include:

  • Energy Service Companies: DER management infrastructure for new business models including Energy as a Service: Aggregated management of diverse owned and customer DER assets; Integration to trading operations.
  • Local Authorities: Net Zero Carbon transition capability; Management of total energy costs; Infrastructure for clean economic growth.
  • Industrial and Commercial Energy Users: ESG reporting (Net Zero Carbon); Energy cost reduction and certainty; Resilience and Energy security.
  • Utility Scale Battery Owners / Operators: Flexible platform to stack multiple revenue stream (NWAs, wholesale market and ancillary service markets); Optimization of battery asset operation.


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Cirrus Flex remotely and automatically optimizes DER dispatch, linking diverse DER assets and fleets between owners, operators, aggregators and traders to maximize the returns from energy, grid services and flexibility markets. Cirrus Flex provides the essential capabilities for:

  • Market and grid integration
  • Multiple revenue stream stacking
  • Advanced Virtual Power Plant operation
  • Energy as a Service business models.
  • Remote and automatic aggregation, management and optimization of portfolios of DER assets to deliver flexibility to utilities and customer trading and fleet management desks
  • Enabling customers to maximise the value of energy assets through flexibility market, energy market, grid services and behind-the-meter revenue and value streams.
  • Configurable optimisation to differentiate operational strategies and optimise energy, carbon, costs and revenues.

Cirrus Flex features include:

  • DER Registration and Management
  • DER and Market Forecasting
  • Aggregated DER portfolio optimization (Revenues, Costs and CO2) to customer objectives
  • Energy asset management and monitoring
  • Coordinated local, regional and national market interfaces and user interactions
  • Trading Tool integration
  • Automated portfolio dispatch and redispatch
  • Measurement and Verification
  • DER service delivery event settlement
  • Owned and 3rd party Asset Integration
  • Direct and Aggregator Integration
  • Front-of-the-meter (FTM) with DNP3, Modbus, REST
  • Behind-the-meter (BTM) DER integration and flex provider APIs: REST, OpenADR, SunSpec, 2030.5, OCPP
  • Utility systems integration
  • Operator Interface
  • End customer portal / app
  • Management reporting (e.g. CO2)
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Cirrus Flex is in operation with battery fleet operators, energy services companies, community energy companies and municipal authorities in the UK and US.

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