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SGS Suite of Products: Cirrus Flex 

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Remotely and and in real-time monitor, visualize and report on diverse portfolios of energy assets.

Flexibly connect fleets into route-to-market providers maximising returns from stacked value streams. Aggregated control and optimised DER dispatch for a range of business objectives.

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Cirrus Flex features include:

  • Monitor 
  • Control 
  • Alert
  • Aggregate

Cirrus Flex is Smarter Grid Solutions advanced cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product for DER owner operators with growing portfolios. Cirrus Flex enables customers to own, access and utilise their DER data. As an independent technology provider, Cirrus Flex complements customer operations and the wider partner ecosystem, including route-to-market providers. Cirrus Flex provides the essential capabilities for:

Optimised and aggregated Virtual Power Plant (VPP) operation

Configurable, customisable optimisation

Remote, and real-time monitoring

Look-ahead DER scheduling and direct DER dispatch

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DER owners and operators need a single pane of glass to monitor their growing DER portfolios. They need enhanced DER dispatch to participate in energy markets, interface to trading partners and take advantage of new distribution flexibility markets. Aggregated control through optimised Virtual Power Plant (VPP) enables route to market for larger portfolios of assets.

Cirrus Flex enables a range of business models including:

Energy Service Providers: Aggregated and optimised control, visualization and reporting of DER installed at end-customer sites.

Utility Scale Battery Owners / Operators: Unified, flexible platform to stack revenue streams across multiple route-to-market providers for portfolios. A centralized ‘single pane of glass’ data store across fleets of projects, with interfaces to asset, market and trading analytics providers.

Industrial and Commercial Energy Users: ESG reporting (Net Zero Carbon); Optimized and co-optimized energy assets for bill savings and certainty; Resilience and Energy security.

Cirrus Flex is in operation with battery fleet operators, energy services companies, community energy companies and municipal authorities in the UK and US.

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