Battery Storage Optimization & Value Stacking

Owners and operators of commercial, depot and destination EV charging infrastructure require advanced solutions to manage limitations in grid interconnections.

Whether connected to congested grids or as part of a fleet of other clean energy assets, effective monitoring, flexible scheduling and grid and market integrations are essential for economic EV charging roll-out.


The recent and ongoing growth in EV sales is posing significant challenges for the development of the required charging infrastructure and its connection to already strained grids. The most effective business models for charging infrastructure provision at destinations (leisure, workplaces, retail), on trunk transport routes and for commercial vehicles need to include integration and flexibility in the grid and market.  This needs to leverage the advances made in flexible grid integration and management tools already used for other low-carbon technologies.  EV charging infrastructure also needs to pair with solar PV, energy storage, and other flexible loads for a complete net zero carbon energy and transport strategy.


Strata Grid is our DERMS solution for Distribution Utilities which provides monitoring, control, scheduling and price-following charging, enabling a range of different flexible connections to EV charging infrastructure operators.  Utilizing a consistent approach with grid flexibility services for other DER keeps complexity across systems and costs in check while offering flexible interconnection options to customers.

Cirrus Flex provides net zero developers in the Commercial, Industrial and Municipal sectors, as well as community and charging point infrastructure specialists, with the platform needed to integrate the management of EV fleets and EV charging infrastructure with other low-carbon energy assets.  Cirrus Flex provides DER fleet management as well as grid, market, other DER and system integration to deliver the single energy and flexibility management platform required for the zero carbon transition of transport and energy.

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