Connecting high penetrations of DER requires grid hosting capacity to be managed to ensure that network reliability is not impacted. NREL wanted to investigate the feasibility of hosting >50% DER penetration levels at home, community and grid levels.


Strata Grid was deployed to monitor a home's smart meter data and control the power flow from the home's photovoltaic system to the home itself, to an electric vehicle, and to and from the home's energy storage system. Strata Grid then demonstrated its ability to wield the same level of power flow and voltage control across a campus with a high penetration of solar power that was interconnected to an actual distribution network. Strata Grid also demonstrated the coordination and real-time management of an entire distribution grid, subsuming the smart home and smart campus scenarios into the larger model.


Strata Grid successfully demonstrated the ability to coordinate PV, electric vehicles and batteries at a residential level across different coordinate regions to achieve >50% penetration levels of DER.

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