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Case Studies

The world’s leading innovator companies have chosen our technology and operationally trust it.

We have an enviable track record in the most advanced markets with the leading innovator companies covering all types and sizes of DER and the full breadth of DER use cases. Having trialled, demonstrated and proven the value of our technology over the last decade, more and more customers are adopting Strata Grid into their Operational Technology environment as the multi-use case DERMS platform to complement existing systems.



Lac-Mégantic (Hydro-Québec)

The town of Lac-Mégantic in Québec, Canada, suffered a catastrophic rail disaster in 2013 when a train full of crude oil derailed in the town’s downtown core.  In 2014 Lac-Mégantic turned its gaze forward and started its path towards redevelopment with a whole new vision of the district.  As it entered the planning stage, Lac‑Mégantic set an ambitious goal to become a hub of innovation. 

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Local Authorities have objectives to plan, build-out and optimise the management of new electric vehicle charging in combination with on and off-site renewables, building energy management and within the constraints and objectives of the power grid, market, electricity supply commercial arrangements and the net zero carbon energy transition. 

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Northern Powergrid (Microgrid)

Northern Powergrid identified a number of remote, poorly served or critical communities where reliability could be improved by the introduction of microgrids.

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Confidential Canadian Utility

Our customer was experiencing dramatic load growth in areas of the network and required an automated load relief scheme, a platform to dispatch batteries for peak load management and real-time control of DG for dynamic hosting capacity.  To improve return on investment, they were looking for an enterprise level DERMS that could operate across all of the time horizons, types of DER and use cases.

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SP Energy Networks (Charge)

The project will develop a new ground-breaking solution for connecting EV chargepoints to the electricity network in a way that balances network capacity and the needs of the motorist.  It will provide a mechanism for DNO’s to optimise the use of existing assets, plan for future upgrades and make best use of appropriate flexible charging solutions.

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UK Power Networks (Strata Grid Roll-Out)

UK Power Networks operate the Distribution Network across the south east of the UK, including London. As part of their vision to be a world-leading DSO, they required a multi-use case DERMS, with ANM capability, to deliver a broad range of use cases across their business. Use cases include flexible connections, flexibility services, coordinated services with National Grid, and optimisation of the network with power electronics.

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National Grid (Strata Grid Roll-Out)

Western Power Distribution (WPD) operates the largest geographical area of any Distribution Utility in the UK. Their service territory spans the South West of England into Wales and the Midlands. WPD, like many UK Distribution Utilities, has connected record volumes of DER, mainly PV, to its network.

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Endurant (Con Edison)

Con Edison required peak load relief services in New York and as part of a REV demonstration project sought to prove the case for using batteries in a stacked revenue arrangement to reduce the cost of the service. Endurant  therefore required a solution to aggregate utility scale batteries for Con Edison to dispatch and trade residual capability in the NYISO.

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Avangrid (FICS)

Avangrid was receiving customer feedback related to the high cost and timescale of DER interconnection being driven by the need for grid upgrades.

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Distributed ReStart

Distributed Restart is a world-first initiative. The project explores how all forms of DER, synchronous and converter connected, scheduled and intermittent including solar, wind, hydro, energy from waste, CHP, ESS etc. can be used to restore power to the GB transmission network in the unlikely event of a blackout - a process known as Black Start.

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UK Power Networks (Flexible Plug and Play)

UKPN were experiencing huge volume of connection applications for renewable generation, alternative approaches including grid reinforcements were expensive and resulted in long timescales before being fully connected.

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UK Power Networks (Cloud Dispatch Case Study)

When there is constraint on the network there may not be enough capacity to carry the maximum load and upgrading grid assets may not be cost effective nor be possible in the required timeframes.

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SP Energy Networks (ARC)

SP Energy Networks were looking for way to accelerate the connection of renewable and distribution generation projects for a range of network cases and scenarios. This included congestion constraints on the transmission network which distribution connected generation could feed under outage scenarios.

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Storage Optimization as a service

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) provided a trial DERMS system that uses forecast energy data to produce optimized schedules for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

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Consultancy Case Studies
Find out how our unique expertise and specialist services in smart energy asset control has helped support major companies across the globe in the transition in energy markets and distribution systems.