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Case Study: Endurant (Con Edison)



Con Edison required peak load relief services in New York and as part of a REV demonstration project sought to prove the case for using batteries in a stacked revenue arrangement to reduce the cost of the service. Endurant therefore required a solution to aggregate utility scale batteries for Con Edison to dispatch and trade residual capability in the NYISO.



Strata Grid and Cirrus Flex was deployed and integrated with Con Edison systems and control room processes. Strata Grid and Cirrus Flex provides automated optimization of the batteries and aggregates the capability to a trading desk. Strata Grid and Cirrus Flex is also interfaced to the NYISO market.



Strata Grid and Cirrus Flex was successfully integrated with the operational systems of Con Edison providing the capability to schedule the batteries for network services as a Non-Wires Alternative. This reduced cost of network services to Con Edison. The interface to the NYISO to trade residual ‘non-critical’ battery capacity allowed Endurant Energy to stack revenue streams from the batteries increasing return on investment.