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Smarter Grid Solutions is an enterprise software developer with a DERMS suite of products, fulfilling the needs of Utilities, Aggregators and Grid Edge customers.

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Smarter Grid Solutions develops and delivers Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software that allows energy companies to monitor and control their portfolio of Distributed Energy assets.

Our unique control technology has been developed to give us the specific capabilities and necessary flexibility to deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to our customer needs. Our products provide the specialized distributed energy asset monitoring and control methods building up from real-time data to advanced look ahead DER management and optimization capabilities to secure grid and market revenues and value streams.

The world’s leading distributed energy innovator companies have chosen and trust our unique technology and products

With nearly 15-years of continuous ‘on grid’ operation experience, our trusted DERMS products are used by leading grid utilities, energy service companies, municipal authorities, C&I customers, battery fleet operators and other energy market participants in Europe and North America to manage DER assets and aggregations of all sizes and types. 

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