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Flexible, Scalable and Unique DERMS Products

Our market-defining products, powered by Active Network Management (ANM) technology, are the only DERMS software solutions on the market that combine ‘look ahead’ and ‘real-time’ control.  From the grid edge, substation, data centre, or cloud, our products deliver un-paralleled optimization capability, meaning significantly greater revenues or cost savings for our customers.


Globally Deployed, Mature and Trusted

With over 100 years of continuous operation, our trusted DERMS products are used by leading utilities in Europe and North America to manage 100s of MWs and 100s of DER assets of all sizes and types. Whether your DER assets are generation (renewable or thermal), storage or demand, we can integrate them to a wide range of grid or market optimization solutions.


  • 404
    Megawatts Connected
  • 308 DER Assets Controlled
  • 18 Live Systems Worldwide
  • 1159 Gigawatt Hours Generated Yearly
  • 227 Million $ of Value Delivered
  • 270 Tons of CO₂ Avoided

Connected Customers

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