UK Power Networks (Flexible Plug and Play)


UKPN were experiencing huge volume of connection applications for renewable generation, alternative approaches including grid reinforcements were expensive and resulted in long timescales before being fully connected.


UKPN deployed Strata Grid across a region of their network to deliver managed hosting capacity and increase renewable connections. Strata Grid provided real-time constraint management, adapting to network reconfiguration and minimising curtailment volumes.


Over 20 generators totalling 100 MW of renewable capacity has been connected saving tens of £millions in avoided grid upgrades. Connection time for DER customers has fallen from years to weeks.

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UKPN Innovation: Flexible Plug and Play

By introducing Smarter Grid Solutions Active Network Management system to an area of our network, we have reduced connection costs for six new distributed generation customers by up to 90%, as well as offering them far shorter connection lead times

Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Flexible Program Director, UK Power Networks

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