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Battery Storage Optimization & Value Stacking



The role and value of batteries in the grid and market is growing.  Battery energy storage offers the opportunity to bridge the gap between periods of high renewable generation output and times of the day or week when electricity consumption and energy prices are high. This resolves local and market balancing challenges, whilst providing new revenue streams.  Additionally, the multiple flexible response capabilities of batteries and their power electronics grid interfaces provide excellent potential for additional grid support services.

But, to deliver the greatest value, batteries must be orchestrated with grid and market systems to respect their own capability limits and commercial warranties while resolving conflicts between multiple on-site, grid and market optimization objectives.  Stacking of revenues is simple in concept but difficult in reality without a flexible optimization and control solution that can comprehensively address the conflicting objectives.



Cirrus Flex provides the underlying platform for control and management of batteries with the integration to grid and market systems required to effectively optimize asset operation.  Cirrus Flex provides the configurability to embed the battery and interface systems capabilities into the algorithms that optimally schedule and dispatch the assets.  This enables a wide array of battery systems, grid and market mechanisms and objectives to be successfully delivered.

Cirrus Flex also provides the most advanced optimization engines and mathematical program solvers available.  These are used to deliver a rolling window of optimized dispatch schedules based on forecasts, energy prices, asset capabilities and the revenue generating services that are to be delivered. Cirrus Flex includes the capability to update these schedules manually or automatically based on real-time operating point and dynamic grid and market states.  Automatic optimal schedule creation is crucial to reduce manual operator intervention requirements for larger fleets, 24/7 operation and complex grid and market environments.  The operator interface provides schedule and dispatch interaction, system operation and health monitoring as well as controls for trading operations.

Cirrus Flex provides all the data services required to support settlement of the multiple revenue stream services delivered by the battery assets.

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