Our DERMS software enables our customers and partners to integrate and control any size and type of DER, in any location, connected with any communications, interfaced to grids and markets, using any control methods across any time horizon.

Our R&D laboratories design, develop, test and release highly flexible utility-grade software products with a wide range of functional and non-functional options, complete with an extensive integration environment developed from a decade of DER integration experience to create the very best solutions for grid and market optimization. This flexibility means we can architect and design solutions that fit your needs and your budget and scale to millions of devices.

Strata Grid

Seamlessly integrating, controlling and optimizing DER of any type and size in any location so that wires utilities can monitor and manage DER.  Strata Grid provides the capabilities required to transition to a DSO/DSP including:

  • Managing hosting capacity
  • Procuring non-wires alternatives (NWAs) and flexibility services
  • Coordinating flexibility services for ISOs
  • Integrating and manging low carbon technologies on the path to net zero.
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Strata Resilience

Software-based microgrid manager that delivers grid connected, island and black start operations while optimizing the value of microgrid assets for customers with grids and market integration. Strata Resilience delivers the core capabilities of DER microgrid management including:

  • Maximizing the utilization and revenue of DER assets while grid connected
  • Optimizing devices before islanding events to sustain the island microgrid as long as possible
  • Leveraging protection, control and synchronising hardware for seamless island transitions.

Interfaces to owned and third party DER assets to optimise DER.

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Cirrus Flex

Remotely and automatically optimizing DER dispatch, connecting diverse DER assets and fleets to owners, operators, aggregators and traders to maximize the returns from energy, grid flexibility services and markets. Cirrus Flex provides the essential capabilities for:

  • Market and grid integration
  • Multiple revenue stream stacking
  • Advanced Virtual Power Plant operation
  • Energy as a Service business models.
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Element Grid

Software for real time monitoring and control of DER at the grid edge to manage grid integration through Utility DERMS (Strata Grid) or Microgrid (Strata Resilience) products.  Element Grid provides:

  • Integration point for DER and grid assets and field devices using open standard utility protocols
  • Stand-alone and local control modes to manage micro or macro grid within its limits
  • Standard and custom fail-to-safe local functionality
  • Secure and flexible software component to deliver multiple use cases locally and in concert with upper layer Utility DERMS and Microgrid controls.
  • Proven capability and flexible configuration through advanced toolchain to deliver bespoke projects.


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Element Flex

Grid edge monitoring and control software to manage front-of-meter and behind-the-meter distributed assets and their participation in the wider grid and market.

Secure and flexible software component for integrating grid edge DER to the grid and market using open standards communications and vendor APIs.

Stand-alone and local control modes to deliver robust local and remote control, data management and DER operation remediation.

Proven capability and flexible configuration through advanced toolchain to deliver bespoke projects for our partners and customers.

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