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We understand that all of our customers are different. You have different power systems, different energy assets, different legacy systems, different types of customers and different business strategies. That is why we offer such flexible products, allowing us to design and deliver solutions to your specific needs using the same reliable software products. 

We, and our partner network, deliver a range of professional services to ensure that you don’t just buy a product but you get a solution. We work tirelessly to understand your needs, drivers and longer-term ambitions to architect, design and deliver solutions tailored to you.

Distribution Utilities

Our Distribution Utility solutions focus on the integration of DER into grid operations. Our solutions range from DER monitoring and analytics to grid optimisation and market participation. We know that different markets have differing regulations and structures, which is why our products can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Energy Asset Operators

Our solutions for Energy Asset Operators focus on integrating your DER assets to save money or maximise revenues. From interconnection solutions, behind the meter cost optimisation or flexibility market integration our market-defining products make sure you are the winner.

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System Operators

Our System Operator solutions provide unique levels of visibility and controllability for an increasingly flexible system. Architected at a local level for islands and microgrids or at a regional or national level to provide fast-acting control of large volumes of DER assets to ensure a reliable, economic but also flexible grid, we offer a range of solutions for your needs.

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