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The falling cost of renewable and distributed generation, batteries and electric vehicles is creating an explosion in the number of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) connecting to the electricity grid, introducing bi-directional flows, changing market economics and driving new business models.

Distribution Utilities are looking for solutions to enable customer DER connections, avoid or defer grid upgrades, meet grid modernization objectives, achieve output measures and incentives, de-risk onboarding of DER at scale, maximize network efficiency and maintain or enhance network reliability. While the developers, owners and operators of DER are seeking to enable new business models (e.g. fixed price energy, reliability solutions, etc.), stack revenues from disparate DER assets, combine delivery of network services, local site optimization and market participation and securely and efficiently manage the “physical” requirements of Energy as a Service. 

ANM Strata provides the features and integration options to scale to millions of DER.

Renewable and Distributed Generation

Solutions for bi-directional power flows, over-voltages and other hosting capacity limitations created by utility scale and residential distributed generation.

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Solutions for network optimisation, revenue optimisation and revenue stacking of utility scale and residential batteries.

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Electric Vehicles

Solutions for off-street commercial and residential charging infrastructure connections.

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Load Growth and Non-Wires Alternatives

Solutions for utilities to implement flexibility services / non-wires alternatives.

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Virtual Power Plants

Solutions for DER Owners and Operators to interface DER to electricity markets.

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Solutions to optimise mixed DER sites as interconnected or non-interconnected microgrids.

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Energy as a Service

Solutions to enable new business models, combining and optimising mixed portfolios of DER assets for grid and market applications

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