The falling cost of renewable and distributed generation, batteries and electric vehicles is creating an explosion in the number of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) connecting to the electricity grid, introducing bi-directional flows, changing market economics and driving new business models.

Distribution Utilities are looking for solutions to enable customer DER connections, avoid or defer grid upgrades, meet grid modernization objectives, achieve output measures and incentives, de-risk onboarding of DER at scale, maximize network efficiency and maintain or enhance network reliability. While the developers, owners and operators of DER are seeking to enable new business models (e.g. fixed price energy, reliability solutions, etc.), stack revenues from disparate DER assets, combine delivery of network services, local site optimization and market participation and securely and efficiently manage the “physical” requirements of Energy as a Service. 

ANM Strata provides the features and integration options to scale to millions of DER.

Grid Capacity Management

Grid Capacity Management solutions are essential for resolving clean energy hosting capacity limitations created by utility scale and aggregate residential distributed generation (DG), energy storage, new low-carbon loads and other distributed energy resources (DER).  Our Grid Capacity Management solutions create grid interconnection headroom, resolve distribution capacity constraints, enable bi-directional power flows, deliver voltage control and other capacity creating use cases. Our Strata Grid product provides the foundation for our range of Grid Capacity Management solutions.

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Flexible DG/DER Interconnection & Operation

Flexible DG/DER interconnection and flexible operation solutions are a key component in delivering grid access to utility scale, front-of-the-meter distributed generation as well as behind-the-meter generation, energy storage and new low-carbon, flexible loads.  Flexible interconnections deliver quicker and less expensive grid connection.  This can defer or remove grid upgrade requirements and lay the foundations for new value streams in distribution grid capacity trading, DER locational values, local balancing and other use cases.  Strata Grid and Element Grid provide all the necessary capabilities for distribution utilities, DSOs and their connected customers to manage their grid interconnections.

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Non-Wires Alternatives

Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA) are solutions for Distribution Utilities and DSOs to implement alternatives to grid asset upgrades based on managing customer developed and managed DER assets for load relief.  Regulators increasingly require the deployment of NWA as part of utilities’ economic integrated resource plans.

Our Non-Wires Alternatives solutions use our Strata Grid product to deliver the distribution utility requirements and our Cirrus Flex product to deliver the DER asset operator solution.

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Flexibility Services Management

Flexibility services management encompasses integrated solutions for Distribution Utilities and DSOs to manage customer-provided flexibility services, giving control of distribution grid capacity in planned and unplanned events.  Flexibility services are commonly regarded as an essential component of a smarter, flexible grid that offers an alternative to expensive grid asset upgrades.  Regulators increasingly require the deployment of flexibility services as part of utilities’ economic business and system development strategies.

Our Flexibility Services Management solutions draw upon our Strata Grid product capabilities for distribution utilities and our Cirrus Flex product for DER asset operators and flexibility service providers.

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Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Platform

Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution for DER owners, operators and aggregators provides the necessary platform to build, operate and deliver value from growing fleets of owned and operated clean energy and flexibility assets.

Our solutions are built on our Cirrus Flex product and provide the necessary interfaces to energy and services markets, energy and economic optimization, trading interfaces and features for carbon management.  This enables our customers to grow their low-carbon energy asset fleets and deliver new business models and value streams.

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Battery Storage Optimization & Value Stacking

Our Battery Storage Optimization & Value Stacking solution enables battery fleet management, market integration, grid services provision and revenue stacking optimization of grid scale and residential batteries.

Our Cirrus Flex product provides cloud-hosted software-as-a-service and on-premise battery management capabilities to enable battery energy storage asset owners, operators and aggregators to optimize battery operation and revenue generation across multiple markets.

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Microgrid DER Management

Microgrids are deployed to resolve resilience and local energy supply security issues in remote communities, other badly served grid areas, as well as campuses and at commercial and industrial facilities where self-sufficiency and clean energy goals are also important. To maximize the return on investment from increasingly clean and flexible energy technologies, the diverse owner operators of microgrids are paying special attention to revenue generating opportunities while grid-connected.  Microgrid business models now need to deliver supply resilience but secure operational performance as well as achieve financial goals from the energy asset investments. 

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Electric Vehicles Smart Charging Flexibility Management

Owners and operators of commercial, depot and destination EV charging infrastructure require advanced solutions to manage limitations in grid interconnections.

Whether connected to congested grids or as part of a fleet of other clean energy assets, effective monitoring, flexible scheduling and grid and market integrations are essential for economic EV charging roll-out.

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Grid Edge DER Gateway & Control Platform

Grid edge monitoring and control software to manage front-of-meter and behind-the-meter distributed assets and their participation in the wider grid, market integration and flexibility opportunities.

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Demand Response

Demand Response (DR) is a mature market for utilities to engage with customers to mitigate peak load events through incentive programs and time of use tariffs.  As the volume and diversity of DER assets increases, distribution utilities require increasingly sophisticated means of delivering programs and avoiding locking themselves or their customers into specific OEM systems as energy assets become smarter and more connected to OEM clouds.

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Battery Control System

Grid scale batteries are a key enabler of the energy transition with the ability to firm up renewable assets in the market and deliver frequency containment services as system inertia falls.  Owners and operators of battery storage assets and battery control systems require the capabilities to monetize and trade their assets in the most economical way.  Owning the site control and grid/market integration infrastructure, rather than being reliant on the flexibility aggregator or trader and their systems/equipment, increases revenue opportunities, reduces costs and creates the extensibility required when new revenue opportunities emerge.

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