All batteries have different chemical parts which place operational restrictions on that type of battery for certain applications. To commercially ‘firm up’ renewable output to participate in the energy market or ancillary services market, the flow battery and flow battery / Lithium-ion battery combination required to be coordinated with the output of the wind farm and the local network hosting capacity limitations.


ANM Strata was deployed, firstly with the flow battery only and then with a flow battery and lithium-ion battery combination to shift energy and smooth the output of the wind farm. The ANM system provides real-time information on the State of Charge, battery and generator real power, power set points and the network current as required.


ANM Strata successfully proved that flow batteries and flow batteries as part of a mixed mode system can be twinned with wind to deliver commercially valuable smoothing effects. The effect of network hosting capacity on charge and discharge cycles is more fully understood.


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