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Battery Control System

Battery Control System

Grid scale batteries are a key enabler of the energy transition with the ability to firm up renewable assets in the market and deliver frequency containment services as system inertia falls.  Owners and operators of battery storage assets and battery control systems require the capabilities to monetize and trade their assets in the most economical way.  Owning the site control and grid/market integration infrastructure, rather than being reliant on the flexibility aggregator or trader and their systems/equipment, increases revenue opportunities, reduces costs and creates the extensibility required when new revenue opportunities emerge.



Grid scale batteries are typically deployed in modular configurations using containers, each with its own battery management and power conversation system.  Each container can be considered its own asset. 

The battery storage OEM or installer provides the means of integrating the individual modules into a managed grid scale asset and may provide some mechanisms for off-site monitoring and control.  Typically, the specialist battery capabilities do not extend far into the wider capabilities for grid and market integration provided by DERMS.

Interactions with a market trader often also require the trader/aggregator partner and the battery asset owner to install their own equipment.  This incurs costs, requires the battery owner to provide regular access to their site and can mean the owner is permanently locked into the trading partner.



Strata Grid, Element Grid and Cirrus Flex provide the capabilities and components necessary for battery owners and operators to maintain ownership of the control infrastructure.  Customers can also capture some revenue streams without the costs of a trading partner.  This allows their own asset management and operation capabilities to be leveraged and, importantly, safeguards the option to change trading partners to maximize revenue opportunities as propositions from aggregators and traders and market opportunities change.

Strata Grid provides the Site Controller, Element Grid provides the Asset Controller and Cirrus Flex provides the optimization, scheduling, dispatch and asset management platform to connect directly to owner/operator systems, to markets and to any aggregator or trading partner.

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