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Smarter Grid Solutions is a world-leading DERMS software provider, serving Distribution Utility, System Operator and Energy Asset Operator customers around the world from our offices in Glasgow, New York and London, and through our global partner network. 

Our flagship product, ANM Strata, is the only DERMS software that combines grid and market optimization with real-time control. This unique capability allows our customers to maximize the financial benefit from ‘look ahead’ optimization techniques while ensuring real-time service delivery and reliability.  Built on open standards to be highly flexible and scalable, ANM Strata can be architected into a wide range of customer-focused solutions, and onto a range of computing platforms.

ANM Strata is built on our pioneering Active Network Management technology, first proven on the Orkney Isles with some of the highest levels of renewable penetration in the world. Over the last ten years, we have grown into a worldwide company working with most of the largest Investor Owned Utilities in the UK, New York, and California. 

Our flagship products, ANM Strata and ANM Element, have enabled the connection and real-time monitoring and control of over 300MW of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Both of our products are hardened, utility grade software with a proven worth in the market and have delivered over $200 million of value for our customers.




We work with Approved Integrators to ensure our products and technology are available in as many global markets as possible. Approved Integrator partners benefit from re-sell commission and the ability to build a professional services and integration business around our products.

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