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Historically, load growth was predictable and steady and when load reached a certain threshold, if only for a few hours each year, a grid upgrade would be triggered. DER has rapidly changed load profiles, while the availability of DERMS and lower cost communications, provides new opportunities to provide fast and cost effective alternatives to grid upgrades. Customers are more aware of the potential to offer flexibility services, flexing their own DER assets in return for reduced tariffs or service payments. These non-wires alternatives are estimated to save utilities millions of dollars in avoided capital expenditure.


ANM Strata links DER to the grid to deliver highly localised demand response. With a (relatively) small number of DER assets providing the required control response the back-ups and fail safes provided by ANM Strata ensures that wider system reliability is never placed at risk.  ANM Strata enables the market for locational flexibility services, delivers the control response through a combination of scheduled and emergency control, and provides all of the data management functions for settlement and reporting.  ANM Strata provides connectivity to both Industrial and Commercial as well as residential DER through the range of protocols and integration options supported as standard.

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