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ANM Strata: The essential layer for the electricity grid

ANM Strata: The essential layer for the electricity grid
ANM Strata provides the essential layer in electricity grid management. Uniquely designed for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) integration to deliver a fast-acting, time-bounded and repeatable monitoring and control platform, ANM Strata delivers the following:
    • Seamlessly integrate DER into electricity grid operation
    • Maintain secure operation under rapidly changing load and generation patterns
    • Manage two-way powerflows and maintain voltages at optimal levels
    • Maximise the use of lowest-cost DER, minimise energy losses and associated costs
    • Enable the integration and control of microgrid and community energy projects
    • Create new opportunities for DER to participate in the wholesale markets to minimise wholesale power costs and transmission access fees
    • Deploy low-risk solutions where the distribution system data and models are incomplete
    • Maximise the use of existing OT systems and grid assets
    • Utilise a flexible IT/OT architecture that can evolve with the needs of the distribution system
    • Adapt to evolving regulatory environments and business models, while integrating with ongoing grid modernisation initiatives
This leading, foundational software control platform has already delivered over £200 million of cost savings.

ANM Strata is the ONLY platform solution offering true real-time DER control and is founded upon technology principles derived from best practice in the design of mission critical systems.

This means the time taken by ANM Strata to process data and determine a course of action is known. ANM Strata can therefore:

  • Provide greater reliability in the execution of DER control
  • Maximise the hosting capacity of the grid under high rate of change scenarios
  • Minimise risks to grid security while supporting greater use of complex mathematical algorithms for forecasting and optimisation.

ANM Strata incorporates network models into solutions when appropriate but also uniquely supports the autonomous management and control of DER in real-time without the use of a network model. This eases the deployment of grid modernisation technology to parts of the distribution system not previously subject to monitoring and online simulation.

ANM Strata consists of centralised and distributed components enabling intelligence to be deployed closer to the DER being actively managed, performing local autonomous control to unexpected events.

ANM Strata integrates with DMS and other management systems, becoming the modular and scalable real-time automation layer within the system of systems being used to manage the distribution grid. Crucially, it accesses key operational data faster and acts on it quicker than these existing systems.

DER Monitoring and Management

ANM Strata provides the system of record for DER, providing a combination of static and real-time information to the user. ANM Strata’s DER grouping feature lets the user collate multiple DER into aggregated groups. These groups can then be associated with grid constraints monitored by ANM Strata itself, or with market signals generated by integrated or external applications. ANM Strata can also provide visibility of DER to users through other enterprise applications using its range of integration adapters.

Grid Constraint Management at all Voltage Levels to Increase Hosting Capacity for Demand, Generation and Storage Technologies

By scheduling or autonomously controlling DER export/import and the operating point of power system components, e.g., capacitor banks, it is possible to keep voltage and current within design limits. By utilising optimisation and load flow engines outside the real-time control loop, ANM Strata guarantees time-bounded repeatable operation based on the pre-determined sensitivity of current and voltage to DER export/import. This approach provides the utility with increased hosting capacity for DER interconnections in the order of 100-200%.

Optimal Scheduling and Dispatch of DER

The ANM Strata approach is based on harnessing model-based or optimisation techniques outside of the real-time control loop and combining them with the fail-safe functionality of a real-time platform. Examples include forecasting and optimisation applications, such as unit commitment, economic dispatch, conservation voltage reduction and volt-var optimisation. ANM Strata brings together bestin- breed technologies and techniques to host applications that maximise the utilisation of diverse DER for multiple, stacked revenue streams. ANM Strata operates to enhance existing local or DMS/SCADA implemented controls.

Demand Response and Ancillary Service Dispatch

ANM Strata autonomously detects and executes demand response events within a guaranteed response time and resolves issues that arise, for example, due to availability of DER resources diverging from forecast levels. This can result in the re-allocation of lost capacity to other DER or, in extreme circumstances, ANM Strata can issue strategic disconnect signals to specific DER units in order to remove problems. As with all Demand Response Management Systems, ANM Strata will always operate DER within the limitations agreed in any commercial arrangements.


ANM Strata provides DNO’s with the flexibility to implement and coordinate multiple microgrids, using ANM Strata as the technology to underpin a Microgrid Controller. Adopting a consistent platform means that the management and control of multiple microgrids and the DER within them will be consistently delivered and more readily scalable across the distribution system.

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