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The economics of renewable and distributed generation development mean that these assets typically connect to lower voltage distribution networks. They introduce problems for Distribution Utilities including bi-directional power flows as well as thermal and voltage violations. The impact stretches to the transmission boundary and beyond, meaning that transmission network and system operators increasingly require Distribution Utilities to deliver flexibility from these distribution connected assets for system services such as congestion management, reactive power support and voltage management.


ANM Strata combines preventative control methods (such as forecasting, optimising and dispatch ahead of time) with corrective control methods (such as monitoring critical network locations or external signals) and fail safe mechanisms (such as DER non-compliance and communications failure) to deliver the most advanced DERMS solutions to our customers. Unlike competitors, Smarter Grid Solutions, has removed the need for online power systems analysis from the control loop; instead ANM Strata integrates with and utilises these tools to automatically configure our real-time ANM algorithms and therefore deliver increases in hosting capacity ranging from 50-100%. 


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