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Multi-use case DERMS interfacing to the grid and market unlocks the true value of DER

Key functional features include

    • Economic optimization with automated scheduling/dispatch
    • Fast-acting, automated dispatch and threshold-based control
    • DER portfolio management and aggregation
    • Wholesale, ancillary service and flexibility market interfaces
    • Operator and end-user portals
    • Data visualization, analytics and reporting
    • Automated configuration from online analysis

A mature utility-grade platform that makes your life easy

Key non-functional features include

  • Highly flexible and scalable, open standard based control platform
  • Continuous sub-second data collection and logic execution
  • Integrated grid edge control (ANM Element)
  • Comprehensive integration environment
  • Wide range of IT and OT protocol support
  • Wide range of supported computing environments (redundancy, geographic redundancy, substation hardware, computing hardware, virtualized or cloud)

Make the most of your energy assets

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