Distribution Utilities

need to provide reliable supply to customers in demanding circumstances. Customers in remote areas or who experience extreme weather events, natural disasters (e.g. floods or wildfires) can be more cost effectively or reliably served using local DER managed in a microgrid.  Installing and operating adequate DER capacity to sustain a microgrid the DER often requires managing constrained networks and scheduling the assets intelligently.  DER needs to be operated and enabled to participate in black start services.

DER Owners and Operators

(including OEMs, finance houses, I&C customers, local authorities) require solutions that deliver resilience to natural disaster,  monetize their DER assets when they are not being used in island resilience modes and that allow them to disconnect from and reconnect to the grid during outages. 

Strata Resilience is the software-based microgrid manager that delivers grid connected, island and black start operations while optimizing the value of microgrid assets for customers with grids and market integration. Strata Resilience delivers the core capabilities of DER microgrid management including:

  • Managed transitions into and out of sustained islanded operation
  • Maximizing the utilization and revenues from DER assets while grid connected
  • Optimizing owned and 3rd party DER devices before islanding event to sustain the microgrid as long as possible post-event
  • Leveraging third party synchronising hardware (e.g. grid forming inverters and Point of Common Coupling controllers) for seamless islanding.
  • On premise (utility) or cloud (community) hosting
  • Interfaces to owned and third party DER assets to optimise DER
  • Replicable solution with low repeat costs

Strata Resilience features include:

  • Pre-Island DER optimization and preparation
  • Island formation (seamless transition and black start capability)
  • In-island DER optimization
  • Protection setting integration
  • Re-synchronisation with synchronising system integration
  • Variable renewable energy island operation
  • Option to integrate DER to emerging market opportunities (e.g. FERC 2222)
  • Load management
  • Critical load prioritization
  • Front-of-the-meter (FTM) integration (e.g. battery, PV, BMS)
  • Behind-the-meter (BTM) DER integration (e.g. batteries, PV, EV charge management systems) using inverter and aggregation standards (e.g. IEEE2030.5, OpenADR, Sunspec Modbus)
  • Black start sequencing (remote and automatic with local logic)
  • Hardware independent and agnostic solution
  • Owned and 3rd party asset integration
  • Direct and aggregator market integration of DER assets
  • ADMS / Utility DERMS Integration (e.g. DNP3)
  • Operator interface to manage fleets of microgrids and energy assets
  • Local integration component with watchdogs and fail-to-safes
  • Switchgear integration (e.g. grid forming inverter, PCC controller, switches)
  • DER dispatch from Utility DERMS / ADMS / 3rd party system
  • Dispatch arbitration
  • Grid connected constraint management
  • Energy management and optimization for microgrids loads and DER in grid-connected and island modes
  • Integration to Fleet DERMS for market integration and multiple asset /multiple microgrid fleet optimization
  • Integration and management of all types and scales of DER (not just critical assets)


Strata Resilience is already in operation and implementation with utilities in the US, UK and Canada.

Connect your asset quicker and cheaper.

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