ELEMENT FLEX provides:

Integration point for all grid edge and DER assets using open and proprietary standards.

Secure and flexible software component to deliver multiple use cases locally and in concert with upper layer Fleet DERMS (Cirrus Flex), Utility DERMS (Strata Grid) or Microgrid DERMS (Strata Resilience).

Proven capability and flexible configuration through advanced toolchain to deliver bespoke projects.

Grid edge asset OEM capability to quickly provide grid and market integration capabilities to own products and additional value services to customers.

Grid edge smart electrical loads, renewable energy generation, energy storage and communications and control hubs need to access the upstream grid and market opportunities.

Building out the required technology platform to integrate to grid and market systems is costly and time consuming. So, grid edge device OEMs need to leverage their installed asset base, their customer relationships and their technology, including cloud data and fleet management capabilities.

We work with grid edge OEMs to implement a joint, integrated solution, leveraging the best of our grid and market integration capabilities, to add a route to new markets and value for OEMs.

Key features include:

  • Grid edge control interface for scheduling, dispatch, visibility and data collection
  • Integration point for DER assets to Cirrus Flex, Strata Grid and Strata Resilience
  • Deliver schedule control (to owner, OEM or utility schedule)
  • Delivers setpoint control over multiple DER asset types
  • Interface and protocol options to DER control systems
  • Monitoring of site P, Q, voltage and frequency
  • Standalone local control and remotely managed controls
  • Deployable to any grid edge computing or control device
  • Integrate multiple onsite DER in co-located and hybrid configurations
  • In-flight updates
  • Configurable schedule, setpoint and fail-to-safe/fail-to-default/remediation actions
  • Wide range of communications integration options

Connect your asset quicker and cheaper.

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