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As the energy system transitions new business models are emerging. Energy as a Service allows customers to buy their energy in a more predictable manner disconnecting charges from kWh consumed. To achieve that, DER have to be able to be connected and hosted at the site to maximise consumption of onsite generation whilst also optimising those assets for the highest value services across energy markets, network services and ancillary/balancing services. Energy as a Services provides the opportunity to create distinctive IP around optimisation and trading strategies to differentiate propositions from competitors.


ANM Strata provides the platform to connect to any DER and maximise the capability of that DER for any application. It hosts a full optimisation suite, allowing customers and partners to create and deploy their own IP. ANM Strata operates autonomously across time horizons and with back-ups and fail safes for critical and ‘on grid’ applications allowing new propositions to be created for reliability, reduced DER costs and site optimisation.

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